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Altmans continuously reaffirms its commitment to quality, service and sustainability by providing diverse bathroom items and accessories, including lavatory faucets, flush valves, drains and electronic complements like hand dryers that set us apart from our competitors in the industry.

Altmans is a socially responsible company dedicated to the environment and to be in the vanguard of ecological technology, and achieve green sustainability. Such ambitious dedication has led us to thrive at manufacturing products that reduce the consumption of both water and energy. By creating high quality products that are ecologically efficient, Altmans perfectly embraces the ideology that A brand that is committed to quality, design, and service while being committed to keeping the environment healthy, is a brand that you can trust.

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Altman´s Digital Catalog Contains the product lines with all different finishes, handles and accessories, providing an easy experience to use that allows the costumer to navigate throughout the product line in a simple and intuitive way to find or combine something that meets their needs.


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The process we go through to manufacture our product line is a big part of who we are, the care for detail that takes to achieve the product quality that we have reached throughout the years, is consequence of the enormous work of every part of our awesome team in every department.


Everyday more people become part of the Altmans experience. We pride ourselves on being part of extraordinary projects around the world, and sharing our commitment to provide our customers with quality products, innovative design, and extraordinary service and follow up.