Today, the home is not just a place to live, sleep and eat, but rather a retreat where you can create an intimate and tranquil hideaway to relax, pamper yourself, and find peace of mind. To create this oasis, you will appreciate those products that give you high performance and excellent quality, while appealing to your aesthetics and personal tastes. Whether you prefer contemporary, traditional or transitional styles, Altmans has the perfect products for you.

Since our beginning, Altmans has been committed to providing customers with a value proposition that encompasses innovative and distinctive products for the bath, including coordinating showering products and bath accessories designed to make your bathroom unique. The luxury and elegance of Altmans products make your bathroom a room to admire, to enjoy and to brag about.


Altmans is an American company founded in Beverly Hills, CA by Mr. Sidney Altman. Our rich history has helped serve and complement the architectural and design community since the company’s initial development in 1975. Altmans creates unique and custom products to fullfill the needs of our costumers and their most discriminating tastes throughout the world.

Since our beginning, Altmans has been at the forefront of design and technology for bath. Servicing a most affluent cliental in Beverly Hillls, Mr. Altman created “Art and Jewerly for the Bath”, and became known throughout the world as the premier faucet designer. In 1996, Mr. Altman passed away and, as a result of his tremendous affection for animals, left his company to a trust for his beloved dog “Samantha”, in the care of an animal rescue charity. The company was sold and subsequently owned by two other entities until Helvex, one of the world’s premier faucet producers, purchased Altmans in 2004.

Technology, Innovation And Choice

Inspiration fuels Technology, and when combined together, it produces a wide variety of choice. Altmans is constantly looking at new and exciting ways to inspire our customers. We look at a wide variety of media to find inspiration—nature, art, architecture design, fashion, colors and many other trends. Once we find our inspiration to design a product, we often have to develop the technology to manufacture and bring the design to life. This, in turn, increases our skills and capabilities to create new, exciting and innovative products giving us more choices for our customers.


Redefining the way the industry works, our world-class design department uses nature inspired biophilic design concepts, and the newest trends to create collections that fit with your unique lifestyle, without compromising functionality, durability or performance.

Altmans, as a part of the Helvex group, redefines the process of developing faucets, ceramics (in some markets) and accessories with constant advances in our technology to improve the processes we use for production.

We invite you to experience the art, style and the endless possibilities of designs of our different collections, to transform your bathroom into a soothing, elegant, and functional environment for your pleasure.